When it Rains, it Pours!

I wish I had some pictures to go with this but it was dark and my cell phone flash just didn’t have the oomph to get the shot.  It rained cats and dogs last night and swamped the west side.  I was in the precarious position of driving my very un-boat like car home from dinner during the worst of it.  At first the puddles were fun, drive through one and make a big rooster tail of water spray down the sidewalks…but then things got serious.  As I pulled out onto 51st Ave the water actually pushed up over my hood.  Very concerning.  Traffic was moving well enough though it was avoiding the curb lane in all cases.  I’d guess the water was a good 6-8 inches deep by the curbs.  At one stop light my car was actually being rocked side to side as the waves from the traffic going the opposite directed buffeted against the door. 

My sweet ride held tough though, the door seals kept the inside dry and I managed to avoid sucking water into the intake or submerging the exhaust for too long.  Gave the engine a good rev when I finally pulled into the garage just to be sure it sounded healthy and happy.  Seems no worse for the wear!


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