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MLB Replay Rules; revised

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1.0 Game play will not be stopped, delayed or otherwise impeded by a replay request regardless of who initiates it (be that a team manager or umpire crew).

1.1 A replay review request may only be initiated within 1/3 inning of the play in question (after the next out has been recorded the play may no longer be reviewed)

2.0 In the event that an off-field replay review over turns an on-field call; the team which benefited from the over turned on-field call will be issued up to four base strikes, with one base strike being issued for each base gained as a direct result of the errant on-field call.

2.1 Upon issuance of the base strike(s) the team which benefited from the errant on-field call will lose base runners or have base runners returned to previous bases equal to the base strike(s) issued on subsequent offensive balls-in-play.

2.1.1 The team having been issued one or more base strikes will be required to eliminate at least one base strike per runner reaching base until all base strikes have been eliminated.

2.1.2 The team having been issued one or more base strikes may also opt to advance the opposing teams runners in base-increments equal to or less than their total base strikes in situations where there are less than 2 outs.

3.0 Base strikes issued will be equal to the base-advantage afforded by the errant on-field call as determined by the off-field review crew.

3.1 Base strikes will only be enforced on base runners reaching base as the result of a batted ball with the exception of a home run which leaves the field of play.

3.1.1 An ‘in the park’ home run, or ball batted into the field of play which results in the batter scoring a run will be treated as a 4 base hit for purposes of the base strike replay rule.



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Masters of the Universe

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Me: I think I just invented a new religion myth based on He-Man…look out Mormon’s, there’s a new crazy in town.

CW: The world needs the wisdom and righteousness of He-Man

Me: Masters of the universe are we my loyal disciples. Send me $20 and unto you the lord He shall bestow glory. Amen.

CW: Maketh not small cheap plastic idols of me or my mountain volcano play-set.

Me: *unlicensed small cheap plastic idols. Think of the merchandising…

CW: Ahh yeah…render only unto Mattel and its subsidiaries.

Me: WhitAck Global Corp.

CW: All Rights Reserved, naturally.

Me: Patent Pending…in fact, you should probably have *** sign an NDA

CW: And a non-compete for when she’s 15 and wishes I was dead 🙂

Me: Ok, I’ll have legal draw up some papers and have them delivered by carrier pigeon (WhitAck Global communicates exclusively by pigeon for security. It limits our opportunities somewhat).

CW: Pigeons for now until we make our first billion or so, then it’s hell-fire armed recon drones.

Me: Freakin’ Sweet! “Hey, shoot me a hell-fire armed recon drone message about our power lunch tomorrow.” will be heard in the office halls and around water coolers.

CW: HaHa, yes! Strike fear into the underlings with heavy weaponry.

Me: “I’m sorry Tod, but you’re Hell-Fired!”

–brief tangent involving Groupon–

Me: He-Man church will have a 5% off your Tithe Groupon
Me: WhitAck Global will have a $5 off your religious figurine Groupon.

CW: Free trucker hat with every fifth conversion!

Me: Heaven on sale this week only!

CW: Hell-Fire missled fired into the competing shrine of your choice.

Me: Bring an impressionable friend, 2 for 1 raffle tickets, punch & pie.

CW: We have the framework, we just have to implement it. People will come ray. People will come.

Me: Bring me my carrier pigeon! I wish to correspond!

Ding Dong!

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Ding dong the winters dead.
Which old winter?
The wicked winter.
Ding dong the wicked winters’ dead!

Edgar Allan Doh.

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Once upon a work day dreary, while I sat quite bored and weary,
over many a quaint and curious volume of technical chore,
whilst I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
as of gentle cyber rapping, rapping at my office door,
”Tis my boss’, I muttered, ‘tapping at my office door –
only this and nothing more’.

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the cold December,
and each separate blinking pixel wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished for ‘morrow; vainly I had sought to borrow,
from the webs a relief of sorrow, sorrow for the mounting chore –
For the ware and care of never ending systems to endure –
Nameless here forevermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of a solo person
thrilled me, filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
so that now, without remission I arose and stood repeating
’tis my boss harassing, perhaps just passing by my office door,
some late visit, possibly inquisit at my office door,
This it is and nothing more’.

Presently my soul grew stronger, fearing interruption no longer,
‘Sir’ said I, ‘or madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
but the fact is I was mapping and so gently you came rapping,
very faintly you were tapping, tapping at my office door.
Darkness there and nothing more.

Deep down the hallway peering, long I stood quite oddly fearing,
doubting, dreaming dreams no nerd ever dared to dream before;
but the silence was unbroken, and the hallway gave no token,
And there was no word there spoken only darkness and the floor,
Merely this and nothing more.

Back to my desk now turning, all my soul within me burning,
soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
‘Surely’ said I, ‘the janitor must be cleaning this office floor’
Let me see then what there is to see, this office I must explore.
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore.
‘Tis the janitor and nothing more!’

Open here I flung the door, and reams of paper scattered
into the hallway flattered as if someone had adore,
perhaps a shot of coffee, something warm and frothy
a mug of the hot elixir, will my sanity restore.
Is it boredom, nothing more?

Now with my coffee steaming I returned to the office beaming
for there was no noisy rapping, no unfamiliar tapping,
tapping at my office door. Again I gazed with focus,
authoring my hokus-pokus when a wind blew open the door,
stirring papers tattered as they settle to the floor.
God damned wind! Nothing more.

Much I marveled now as I shouted to the wall,
‘might as well start with water, perhaps something a bit hotter
why don’t you light a fire if you seek to end the bore’
And then another tapping, an incessant gangly rapping now much louder than before
It was quite a trouncing, a truly noisy pouncing upon my office door.
I’ve gone mad. Nothing more.

A night before xmas

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T’was the night before Tuesday, and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, except for this mouse.
It wasn’t the furry little creature beware
but the clickable scroll wheeled thing right down there.

The admin was nestled all snug and well fed
while visions of data transfers danced in his head.
Wrapped up in a snuggie and wearing a cap
he’d just signed off for a quick kind of nap.

When out on the nets there arose such a clatter
he sprang to login and see what was the matter.
Into the server he flew using flash
to check the event log for reasons of crash.

His face glinting dim with monitors glow
the appearance of sleep deprivation did show.
When what to his watering eyes should appear
but a server elf fixing the things he held dear.

With little elf hands and a tiny mouse click
I knew in a moment that would do the trick.
More rapid than eagles his patches they came
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name.

On Windows, on Linux, and Mac now just listen
I’m the server elf here to make your web presence glisten.
From open source to closed, I’ll download a haul
and update, update, update them all!

Drinkolosophy? Just read it.

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Everyone (but U.S.) knows,
it’s not the Government you fear.
It’s the people.
(It’s a gift, from some people to all people, forever.)
They are afraid of us. (they should be, they are us, we just don’t know it)
Afraid because of what we have done to them before
and because of what we can do again.

Of the people, by the people?
Which people?
Collect the information,
inhale it. Consume it. Know IT.
It is neither write nor wrong,
to know.

If you picked a side…

you lost.

Missed Connections m4b-ball

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We were supposed to meet in right field Wednesday night, but I just missed you.  You certainly made an impression though, one I won’t soon forget.  I will definitely keep an eye on you next time.

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Stop. Inebriating, listen, coming back with a brand new description. Something. Grabs a hold of me tightly, makes me want write crap daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yes, probably. It’s beer.

These pretzels…

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These pretzels
They’re so salty
They’re so dry
These pretzels…