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MLB Replay Rules; revised

Posted in Misc. with tags , , , on May 4, 2016 by impliedmortality

1.0 Game play will not be stopped, delayed or otherwise impeded by a replay request regardless of who initiates it (be that a team manager or umpire crew).

1.1 A replay review request may only be initiated within 1/3 inning of the play in question (after the next out has been recorded the play may no longer be reviewed)

2.0 In the event that an off-field replay review over turns an on-field call; the team which benefited from the over turned on-field call will be issued up to four base strikes, with one base strike being issued for each base gained as a direct result of the errant on-field call.

2.1 Upon issuance of the base strike(s) the team which benefited from the errant on-field call will lose base runners or have base runners returned to previous bases equal to the base strike(s) issued on subsequent offensive balls-in-play.

2.1.1 The team having been issued one or more base strikes will be required to eliminate at least one base strike per runner reaching base until all base strikes have been eliminated.

2.1.2 The team having been issued one or more base strikes may also opt to advance the opposing teams runners in base-increments equal to or less than their total base strikes in situations where there are less than 2 outs.

3.0 Base strikes issued will be equal to the base-advantage afforded by the errant on-field call as determined by the off-field review crew.

3.1 Base strikes will only be enforced on base runners reaching base as the result of a batted ball with the exception of a home run which leaves the field of play.

3.1.1 An ‘in the park’ home run, or ball batted into the field of play which results in the batter scoring a run will be treated as a 4 base hit for purposes of the base strike replay rule.