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A Government for the People by the People

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It’s been said that Government ought to be BY the People and FOR the People…but does it need to consist of people?

I believe that we can realize the American dream of an impartial, unbiased governing entity by replacing much of the vast bureaucracy that makes up our (semi-functioning) government with open-sourced software which performs the same functions (without injecting its own beliefs, opinions and prejudices to the situation).

All variety of clerks, representatives, officials and other strata of the Government could be replaced by simple programs and the details of how those programs work, what they allow or don’t allow, what qualifies or doesn’t to be determined by the voting public.  Afterall, the Government is meant to be the national embodiment of our collective preferences – what better way than to remove the primary incubrence to that goal, the people who perform the duties which we’ve imparted upon the Government.


History my Ass

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You know what drives me nuts? Of course you don’t…but sit tight and I’ll tell you.

What drives me nuts is the History channel show called ‘Ancient Aliens’. If you haven’t seen it, it is basically a bunch of historian-esque type characters bloviating about how ancient man couldn’t have been so sophisticated on their own and/or how ancient drawings depict all sorts of alien encounters. Could it be true? I suppose, anything is possible, but this show hilariously omits all the more reasonable explanations and often takes itty-bitty tiny bits of information completely out of context in an effort to make their sensationalist point (Aliens!). Ancient painting of the stars in the sky; must have been inspired by that alien visitors. It couldn’t possibly be that they found the stars interesting in and of themselves. Holy crap! Did you see that chariot looking thing shooting lazers next to the stars in that cave-sky painting? That’s indisputable evidence of ancient aliens playing galactic polo just beyond the stratosphere – or the painter was bored and thought it would look neat.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am among those who believe that aliens exist somewhere in this universe. Given the number of galaxies, stars within them and planets around those it seems absurd to believe otherwise. That said, I don’t think any alien with the ability to hop between galaxies would be hanging around our wet rock full of primitives let alone teaching us astronomy. There are plenty of perfectly reasonable explanations that don’t base themselves on the premise that humans only recently became smart enough to tie our own shoes.

Humans have always been smart, its our evolutionary advantage. We just have better tools today because over time we’ve gotten better at storing and sharing information. I read somewhere that, but for the destruction of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, there would have been nuclear weapons available during the civil war (one might argue that this war would’ve happened 100 years sooner if certain useful bits of geographical and mariner info hadn’t been lost at Alexandria…but I digress). A single lost library set our collective knowledge back an estimated 100 years. That’s pretty startling if you consider all the books, tablets, manuscripts and so on that have been lost to history either by neglect or wanton destruction.

Aside from an improved ability to keep and share information I doubt we are really any different than any other homosapien that has ever lived. You’re not really more evolved or ‘smarter’ than your ancient Mayan counterpart, you were just more likely to have access to food, clean water, lots of books and lots of people to share what they know.

So one theory is that there’s no real difference between ancients and moderns and as such it should be no surprise that they came up with clever ways to solve their problems, build their monuments and observe the universe around them.

Another theory, a personal favorite, is that these ‘advances’ of ancient times and the savants (DaVinci, Newton, Capernicus etc) weren’t simply the Einsteins of their time. They were time travelers or universe hoppers, stuck in their time or our universe, able to create solutions and have ideas that seemed well beyond their time because they had already seen it.

More Theories!

Humans figured out how to spawn new universes, we created this one and traveled here once this planet had time to cook and cool off a bit. We got stuck here after some damned saber tooth tiger ran off with the key to our trans-universe omnibus and after a few hundred generations forgot we ever knew what a universe was only to relearn and arrive at our present state of learnification.

What would Atlas do?

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Atlas Shrugged like wow;
zen and the art of railroad
maintenance. Get it.

First they came for the…

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First they came for the spammers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a spammer.
Then they came for the file sharers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a file sharer.
Then they came for the Anons,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an Anon.
Then they came for Internet
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Masters of the Universe

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Me: I think I just invented a new religion myth based on He-Man…look out Mormon’s, there’s a new crazy in town.

CW: The world needs the wisdom and righteousness of He-Man

Me: Masters of the universe are we my loyal disciples. Send me $20 and unto you the lord He shall bestow glory. Amen.

CW: Maketh not small cheap plastic idols of me or my mountain volcano play-set.

Me: *unlicensed small cheap plastic idols. Think of the merchandising…

CW: Ahh yeah…render only unto Mattel and its subsidiaries.

Me: WhitAck Global Corp.

CW: All Rights Reserved, naturally.

Me: Patent Pending…in fact, you should probably have *** sign an NDA

CW: And a non-compete for when she’s 15 and wishes I was dead 🙂

Me: Ok, I’ll have legal draw up some papers and have them delivered by carrier pigeon (WhitAck Global communicates exclusively by pigeon for security. It limits our opportunities somewhat).

CW: Pigeons for now until we make our first billion or so, then it’s hell-fire armed recon drones.

Me: Freakin’ Sweet! “Hey, shoot me a hell-fire armed recon drone message about our power lunch tomorrow.” will be heard in the office halls and around water coolers.

CW: HaHa, yes! Strike fear into the underlings with heavy weaponry.

Me: “I’m sorry Tod, but you’re Hell-Fired!”

–brief tangent involving Groupon–

Me: He-Man church will have a 5% off your Tithe Groupon
Me: WhitAck Global will have a $5 off your religious figurine Groupon.

CW: Free trucker hat with every fifth conversion!

Me: Heaven on sale this week only!

CW: Hell-Fire missled fired into the competing shrine of your choice.

Me: Bring an impressionable friend, 2 for 1 raffle tickets, punch & pie.

CW: We have the framework, we just have to implement it. People will come ray. People will come.

Me: Bring me my carrier pigeon! I wish to correspond!

Drinkolosophy? Just read it.

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Everyone (but U.S.) knows,
it’s not the Government you fear.
It’s the people.
(It’s a gift, from some people to all people, forever.)
They are afraid of us. (they should be, they are us, we just don’t know it)
Afraid because of what we have done to them before
and because of what we can do again.

Of the people, by the people?
Which people?
Collect the information,
inhale it. Consume it. Know IT.
It is neither write nor wrong,
to know.

If you picked a side…

you lost.

Woe is for the woeful

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When you say goodbye to those you love
perhaps not on the best of terms
It can leave you tired
Depressed an accurate word.
This can linger eb and flow
Torment you to no end
It can zap your strength
(So preserve your will)
Never should you pretend
That you’ve been so wounded
So fouled that all is lost
Sleep (and run)
Embrace the quiet frost
Resolve to see the end
Stay up for the show
For when it passes
(And it will)
You will then have found
A strength you had not known
A new wisdom held within
A world to explore with those
Who still share your wicked grin


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I wish that I could
spend more time in the act of
less saying bye to

Philosophers Porn?

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“‘Having a bearing on’ must be taken generously; an attractive stranger who walks down the street as we sit at an outdoor cafe may engage our attention quite fully. As an object of desire, he or she bears on our world in the sense of opening up potential avenues of action, even if these are pursued only in the imagination.”
-Matthew B. Crawford, Shop Class as Soulcraft pg. 163

Who needs eloquently worded gratuitous sex amidst and among vampires when you can imagine the pursuit attractive strangers?  Eat your heart out Fabio…

I’m in love with a porn star….

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It’s an awkward thing to be in love with a porn star. I can harbor no delusions about being her first, or biggest, or best(?). She’s known countless other men (and women) and the evidence is impossible to ignore, the scenes scattered far and wide across the Internet. ‘Love conquers all’ or so they say; and this must be no exception. I love her. I see her every day, I hear her talking to me, to ME, and I love it. Her willingness to satisfy my every carnal whim intoxicates and I come back for more and more, day after day. She knows without the clumsy dance of speech what excites me. She knows. And she likes it. Or so she’s lead me to believe (she could be acting after all). But I know it’s no act, she does it all for me and loves every minute. And I love her for it.

She travels with me on vacations and business trips alike, we spend foggy nights in London, locked in embrace. We share daiquiri’s as the sun sets over sandy beaches. My constant companion, my love, my porn star. When we’re apart I long for her, to see her lips, her hips, her inviting eyes. She’s there after work, waiting for me to return. We spend lazy Sunday’s in bed, together, dreaming about the future. Should we have kids? How many? What will we name them and which sports will they play. Baseball I say. She agrees, repeatedly…emphatically.

She has no idea who I am of course. We’ve never met, my love and I, and we never will. I’m in love with a porn star.