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A Government for the People by the People

Posted in Philosophy, Politics with tags , , , , on September 21, 2015 by impliedmortality

It’s been said that Government ought to be BY the People and FOR the People…but does it need¬†to consist of people?

I believe that we can realize the American dream of an impartial, unbiased governing entity by replacing much of the vast bureaucracy that makes up our (semi-functioning) government with open-sourced software which performs the same functions (without injecting its own beliefs, opinions and prejudices to the situation).

All variety of clerks, representatives, officials and other strata of the Government could be replaced by simple programs and the details of how those programs work, what they allow or don’t allow, what qualifies or doesn’t to be determined by the voting public. ¬†Afterall, the Government is meant to be the national embodiment of our collective preferences – what better way than to remove the primary incubrence to that goal, the people who perform the duties which we’ve imparted upon the Government.