Whatever universe. You think you’re so BIG…so TUFF…well you’re not. You’re just a big (really big) ball of itty bitty bits of nothing all piled together and spread around. You like to make things interesting, I get that. But seriously, lay the F off! I’m not joking around here. One more outburst, one more curve ball, one more life altering challenge and who knows what I might do.

I might punch you right square in the face, and you know what? You’d deserve it. No one would say a word. None of your universal buddies would stand up and say: “Hey! Don’t hit my friend!” –Nope. They’d just sit there and watch while your stupid bloody universe nose bled all over your stupid shirt. And when that happens (and it will my obnoxious friend) be careful how you respond. A wrongish look and kapow! Another devastating blow to your stupid universe face. More blood, and teeth this time, rattling on the floor.

You’ve been warned.

One Response to “Whatever!”

  1. I couldnt agree more UNI… you do some fucked up shit! I appreciate the stray puppy a month or so ago but you betta watch your ass. (I got your back B)

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