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The Clarendon Hotel

Posted in Restroom Reviews with tags , , on December 10, 2009 by impliedmortality

The Clarendon Hotel – Phoenix, AZ – 4 out of 5 urinal cakes

I hardly know where to start. Walking into this restroom was a highlight of the evening (which also included a nifty rooftop patio, this place is worth a visit) simply because these urinals are so outrageously awesome. The facilities were otherwise unimpressive but nothing beats walking into a restroom and being greeted by two big red lips just waiting for you to stand over them. Set aside any qualms you have about whizzing into a mouth (this is not acceptable behavior people!) and enjoy these urinals for the spectacle that they are.

Rosie McCaffrey’s

Posted in Restroom Reviews with tags , , on November 12, 2009 by impliedmortality

Rosie McCaffrey’s – Phoenix, AZ – 2.5 of 5 urinal cakes.

This pissa represents 80% of the mens rooms I’ve visited. It’s clean (enough), they have running water and tiled floors. Pee here and behold the hands free flush, truly a modern marvel. One time I had to help a woman out from under her motorcycle while I was leaving this pub. I’m pretty sure she drove the bike away, I advised against that.


Yards of Piss

Posted in Restroom Reviews with tags , , , on October 29, 2009 by impliedmortality

Jimbo’s – Glendale, AZ – 3 out of 5 urinal cakes

Old school pissin’ troth with a contemporary and nearly indestructible twist. You really can’t go wrong at Jimbo’s unless you fall in, which should be a concern because it is certainly big enough to fit a person and drinks are cheap so you tend to leave wobbling. There’s not much else going on in this restroom so have your fun and save the aiming for home!